My Almond Tree…

I have a beautiful almond tree in front of my balcony…everyday I use to stand with a cup of coffee in my hand … waiting for my cab or just enjoying the coffee…observing this beautiful tree….the thoughts were always on my mind but penned them now…..


Every time I stand here in my balcony

I look at this lovely almond tree

Each time it instills in me a positivity !

Let there come a storm, rain or be it sunny,

It still stands firm facing it patiently

Sometimes yellow, brown or bare completely

It still stands strong smiling hopefully

Sheltering the birds and the needy

Telling me, live life generously!

Swaying with the wind and moving with seasons constantly,

It teaches me the life’s simple story

Accept change and keep moving consistently

Every storm , rain and sun builds in you more energy

After every fall there surely comes springs beauty

Life is beautiful, live generously with patience , hope and positivity!